Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Stink

Well nice to see us blow a lead not once but twice. I blame much of it on Coco's nickname (and some on his pitching ability). Too angry at this point to add much value. I still don't understand why he didn't pull Coco before the lead was blown (as one of the comments noted). I really think Dusty just gave up on the game after it was tied up. He had enough baseball for one day and his brain hurt. Nice to see Ross get 3 (and should have been 4 walks if they hadn't blown the call on ball 4). I'm sure he was told to "get more aggressive" up there and try to bunt single to "manufacture" a few runs during that last at bat. As I said I'm too angry to add much value.

I'll bang out my first half thoughts from work tomorrow. Also since I don't know how to create a poll. Please suggest any non baseball related material for me to address in the comments. How long til college football?

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Drew said...

The "Tigerless" British Open could be a blog subject. Greg Norman is in prime position to blow another big tournament.