Friday, July 18, 2008

Update During the Game

So the Reds proved (using a small sample set of qualitative evidence, which one would hope can win the day with Dusty) that walks and home runs can generate a significant amount of runs. That 5th inning had 2 hits and 4 runs all which isn't too shabby. Donkey keeps cloggin up the basis. Bronson got lucky to get out of the last inning by getting a DP out of nowhere. Reds have looked terrible on the basepaths with Bruce caught on a pick off and Dunn getting lucky to avoid the catcher throwdown.

Also flipping the channels and saw Mario Lopez hosting a show called "Pet Star" which is a talent contest for people's pets. Is there anything this man would refuse to do?

So Bronson is coming back out for the eighth. He may get out of it ok, but I will say now that I don't really like this idea (unless Dusty told him he can go out there until he lets up a baserunner, which I'm ok with). I could be wrong, it happened once in my life, but didn't think he looked great last inning and with the way Bray has pitched might make sense to give it to the bullpen (something I didn't think I'd ever say about the reds pen)

So I was wrong, lets hope Coco can close this beep out (i say we start playing bray more to see if he can become and everyday closer). Nice inning by Cisco (I'm now going to call him Cisco when he comes through and Coco when he pitches like Ice T's wife). Anyone notice the Reds seeing a lot more pitches the last two days. Do you think Dusty read the blog over the all star break and has decided to take our advice. Lets see if this continues before making any definitive statements, but we've gotten pitch counts high very quickly and forced the Mets top two pitchers out of the game early two days in a row.

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