Thursday, July 03, 2008

A bad team to watch

I came to the conclusion on the ride home from watching the Reds lose to the Pirates that I just watched two bad teams. Neither one has a chance to compete right now. The future looks good but then again, it always does. Bruce looked great with his two homers and Dunn continues to play well but it is not enough. Mental mistakes, poor coaching, and bad swings have brought this team to the edge of falling our of contention. 10 games remain until the all-star break. Anything under 5-5 and the fire sale begins. Anything over and hope will remain. It would also help if the Reds could put together a few games where they get both good pitching and good hitting instead of always having one without the other. A hit with runners in scoring position would also be a plus but that may be asking too much. More tomorrow as well as a big announcement. I'm sure my dozen fans will be on edge.

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Drew said...

I know you Reds fans would love to keep up the hope that your team can "stay in contention", but I'm not seeing it. Right now you sit 8 games back....of the third place team in the central. 10 behind the Cards, and 12.5 behind the Cubs. Do you really think you can catch and pass all three of those teams with the team and coach you are rolling out right now? I know you don't want to admit the season is over, but might as well start that fire sale now.