Friday, July 11, 2008

Reds Win Despite Dusty

Two great games in a row despite the lovely DBakes. He takes Fogg out after a strike out in the 6th in order to allow his bullpen to allow 3 runs. Seriously, he strikes out a guy and for some reason you take him out of the game and give up a LOT of runs. Thank god we have very good players and they make up for Dusty sucking at life. Nice to see that (and also having Keppinger in the game again who was just terrible with an 0-10000 performance)

Sorry for the lack of recent posts, i've been on vacation lately. So other non-Dusty sucks so much related materal should be related to my hatered of Keppinger and also my thoughts on the texting. First to Keppinger, who is just terrible. He played tonight while Dunn was on the bench. So we bench Adam Dunn who hit a homerun of about 1000000 miles last night to make room for such a bad player. We won despite this. If we can win the next two (and yes i understand that involves "Give up a lot of" Homer Baily beating CC Sabathia) that will leave us 5.5 out of the wild card. if we can pull that off we should be buyers and not sellers going to the end of the month. Lets hope that happen

Now many people know my theory regarding the texting. Only single people and guys/girls who cheat on their spouses text. For some reason after I got married the texting became very popular among the single people. I have no idea why, but any single person I know is all about texting these women about the "dating" or the "making out". I have no idea how it works and frankly am ok no knowing how to text. All i know is that any married man who texts end up in the newspaper b/c he was sending texts to his girlfriend while his wife was at home. on the single people, for some reason i was able to fine a wife without the texting. now all single people will go out, make out (or not at that point), text a few times, go on another date and then eventually become boyfriend/girlfriend. I just don't get it, but for some reason if you want to find a date, you have to do the texting. Please let me know if i'm wrong, but I'll gaurentee that if you see someone texting, they are either single or cheating on someone.

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