Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Last Post for a While

Well I need a break. I stutter my words, my hair is falling our in patches, and my pee smells like tuna. I think it is time to turn the blog over to someone else for a while before Dusty kills me. The new contributor will begin in the next few days and is no where near as good as me. He is merely a place holder for a month while I wait for this movie to come out. I know, you are devastated and sobbing uncontrollably. Me too. Except I am drunk. But before leaving, let me give you a few links that will put a smile on your face in this time of sadness.

I guess I'm not the only one making fun of the Red Sox bandwagon. Maybe it is because of people like this.

Those crazy Canadians.


Little college football talk. This one is about the terrible schedules some teams(cough, SEC, cough) have played the past few years. Here is one about this seasons schedules, both difficult and easy.

And finally, this video speaks for itself.

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