Friday, July 18, 2008

Back With First Half Comments

So we are over half way through the season. The reds are 8 games out of the wild card and rumors are swirling that we are going to get rid of our best player (Adam "clog the bases" Dunn). Seems like just another year as a Reds fan, but the frustrating part of this year's season is that we finally have pitching and a few bats so a run at the NL was not out of the realm of poss ability. While the Reds are poorly run and refuse to spend money properly (see Eric Milton, Eddie Guardado and in a few weeks we will add Coco Corderio to that list), this year we can point to a few instances where the captain of the ship steered us directly into an iceberg.

Top 5 Dusty Moves of the Year
5) As was documented many times throughout this blog, his insistence that Corey Patterson not only belongs in the major leagues but should play at times (I believe he has a video of Dusty urinating on a girl who is 13. Dusty don't worry you can get off so please send Corey packing)
4) Asking EE to try to bunt twice early in the season only to see him hit a game winning home run after failing to play "small ball" and "manufacturing the run"
3) Even worse than the prior mistake, he refused to learn from his mistake and asked Adam Dunn (who leads the team in home runs) to bunt. Dunn did the EXACT SAME THING. If he asks another one of our hitters to bunt again he must be fired.
2) Asking the Harangatang to pitch 4 innings on 2 days rest leading to 'Tang playing terribly the rest of the season and eventually finding his way onto the DL
1) Sadly we must leave this spot blank, because despite all the prior terrible moves we must leave this slot open for the moment he trades Adam Dunn for Tom Crahan (who was an amazing bunter in little league), a bag of peanuts and Bronson Arroyo's new CD

So the above about sums up where we stand on the year. Not as strong as we should be and another disappointing year where Reds fans are asked to wait until next year once the "rebuilding" is complete. The Reds rebuilding has taken longer than the Big Dig (which is now complete.

I'll be around all night tonight drinking beer watching the reds game on the computer for the Big Deal temporary living quarters in Marietta, GA. Given that I'm living in the burbs and know 0 people in this town I've got nothing better to do. Also if Norman is still in the hunt on Sunday I'll write a live blog for the last 9 holes of what will most likely be another historic collapse

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