Monday, July 07, 2008

Off Day Thoughts

I've finally recovered from my marathon blog (which was too long for the blogspot spell check tool to work, sorry about that). I agree with Drew that we will need something more relevant, so will wait for either the reds attempt to lose 100 games and get Dusty fired, if we have a chance to tie for the wild card or division lead, any playoff games or the series premier / finale of an amazing reality show (keep your eyes peeled for the live blog of RR/RR Challenge premier). Let me know if there are other events which you think warrant the live blog action.

Other thoughts which I couldn't incorporate in yesterday's blog:
-there should be a separate section of hell for people who take your clothes out of the dryer before they are fully dry
-why didn't Nadal wear his capris pants?
-so if it is true that they put two sets of parents in the same box, do we think they changed the rules when mary peirce played in the final. her father was insane, so if he sat next to anyone else's parents I think we would have heard about it. Odd way to split up tickets, do we think this could work in any other sport?
-with college football around the corner, just wanted to let you know that i'm also not a huge fan of kragthorpe, so some of the rage will be directed at him
-why isn't grif on the all star team. i mean if it is supposed to showcase the best in baseball why not put a future hall of famer who recently went over 600 hrs. I mean is there really that much new york, boston and chicago bias that good players (or even the best outfielder of his generation) don't get enough national attention to get into the all star game
-does anyone outside of new york or boston give a whomp about a random regular season game between the two. we get it, boston feels inferior to new york as a city. they take pride in their sports teams. they didn't win for a long time. boston made a comeback against new york a few years ago (which was a wonderful baseball game that many enjoyed). since then the rest of the country doesn't care about your "rivalry". we just don't
-is the Hamilton for volquez trade the best one in a long time, where both teams got exactly what they needed

That's all for today. will come back with thoughts after tomorrow night's game. plan to set up an email account so you can send us any feedback directly. Also will have a top ten list (bringing it back to the Dive316 days) of Dusty's best moves. We will appreciate your thoughts.

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