Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An LOL Won't Kill You

Hope all is well my friend and loyal reader. Sorry for the delay in posting as I've been moving to the deep south which takes time. Now have the ability to blog from work, which will lead to many more posts. Speaking of posts, I've heard from a number of you that my posts are too long. These same people had the balls to also complain that I've taken a few days since my last post. Now does anyone else think that instead of whining about my lack of posting maybe you could take your lazy butts and scroll down a bit to read some prior ones which were too long. I'm just saying. And while i'm on the subject of trying to alienate my only 5 fans, would a little comment or email of support kill you turkeys. I mean just type LOL when i have something funny or Great Post Tom, I think you raise a very interesting opinion. Frankly you could write, Tom you are a jackass and make no sense or how many beers did you have before you long poorly typed and incoherent paragraph on the texting? All these are preferable to silence.

So moving on. We are at the allstar break. I'll write my thoughts on the first half of the season either today or tomorrow so keep a watchful eye on the blog. By the way how did Dunn not get invited to the all star game but that terrible turkey on the marlins. i mean i know he was nervous but that was embarrassing. o well at least a member of the Reds wasn't the reason i had to stay up until 2am to watch the national league kill our shot of a world series title by giving away home field advantage.


Drew said...

Kind of a pointless post there Tom. Didn't really say anything other than complain about people complaining about your posts.

But, I really just wanted to comment about your statement that the National League blew it's chance at a World Series by losing home field advantage. Perhaps your forgot about that team located on the Mississippi who won it 2 years ago. They didn't have home field. I'm just saying. Ok, I'll admit. Statistically it doesn't look good. I really just wanted to remind everybody the Cards won it in 06'.

JC said...

really, not enough emphasis on volquez and the reds ruining everything, and they they a responsible for no putting the game away. please don't yell at me and drew.