Sunday, July 20, 2008

Norman Goes out in 40

So as expected, I wake up to find that Norman has choked through the front nine on his way to a 40. What was unexpected is that everyone else isn't very good and he still holds the lead. This reminds me of all those tournaments where Tiger is around even or 1 under and the field is about 5-6 behind him. I've always said, we would have a very exciting final day if Tiger weren't there. Well now we have it and frankly its a little embarrassing. I'm convinced Tiger may be able to win this tournament in his current state (assuming they let him use a golf cart since that would have no bearing on his ability to play golf according to the Supreme Court).

Reds looked great last night with Fogg only giving up 1 ER. He has been great since coming back and is becoming a decent 5th starter. We are 8 out of the Wild Card and 10.5 behind the Cubs so it is still a long way to making the playoffs. We do have the team in place, but not sure we have enough time. If we could keep this team together next year (which would be possible by just re-signing Adam "THE BEST PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM" Dunn, but we know that won't happen. He will be traded this year for a bunch of prospects as we are told the Reds are rebuilding for the future (which when these prospects become good will be traded for more people to help prepare for the future)). The fact people don't realize Dunn is a very good baseball player did help us last night when the Mets intentionally walked Brandon Phillips to pitch to Dunn. They pitch to Grif (who hit it hard but right at Wright playing the shift), walk Phillips (who while good isn't Grif or Dunn) and then pitch to Dunn who drills the first pitch to left for a single setting off our big inning. We got Volquez up today, lets hope to keep the good times rolling and win our first series out of the break.

I'll be back periodically for my Watch Greg Norman Try to Give Away the British Open while Others Refuse to Take His Gift Blog (I'm still working on the name).

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