Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Next Big Thing comes through again

I think Jay Bruce should go back to the minors until he improves. I mean he got on base 12 times in 4 games but made 6 outs which is ridiculous. We need Corey back. He only made 9 outs in one game this week. I sure am glad the Reds waited this long to make the move.

It is going to take a big day from the offense to win today because Josh "Gopher Ball" Fogg is pitching. Let's hope Bruce gets his first homer and Griffey starts hitting some homers so the slow shuffle to 600 will finally end. I don't know if it will be enough.

Quick thought on the NBA finals. I don't know who to root for. Its either the LA rapist or the most obnoxious fans in the country. Tough call. I guess I will take the LA rapist just because I want to see Boston lose to NY and LA in the last two sports championship games. And other than the rapist, I don't have a problem with the Lakers. Luke Walton and Turiaf look goofy and happy just to be on the team. Better than anything on the Celtics. I will withhold my extended thoughts on Boston and its fan for another time but for now let's just say I will be pulling for the Lakers.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Harang tired, Thanks Dusty

I guess four innings on two days rest, then 70 pitches on three days rest may not have been the best idea. Who knew? The Reds could have started Fogg last night and given Harang his full 4 days off. They are going to start Fogg on Saturday anyway. It makes no sense whatsoever. Now we get to watch Dusty run our best y0ung pitchers into the ground this weekend. I predict 115 pitches for Volquez or 5 ER in less than 5 innings. Cueto will probably throw 110 more on Sunday even if the game is out of reach. Should be fun watching Kerry Volquez and Mark Cueto have Tommy John surgery this offseason.

Any Lost fans should read this recap. Explains a lot about the best episode of television since last year's Lost season finale.

Also, anyone looking to pay me back for writing this fabulous blog, I will accept payment in the form of this.

With Glavine, Jurrjens, and Hudson going this weekend, we will be lucky to get 2 of 3. Although with "The next big thing" playing everyday, we always have a chance. Let's hope for a sweep and a return to 1 game back of .500 heading into our 8 game road trip.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harang tonight, Braves this weekend

Should be another win tonight. Our ace on the mound against a reeling Pirate team that is ready to pack it in for the season. They have been in contention for too long. The Braves are terrible on the road so we should win two of three and get back to almost .500. Then again, Harang threw 4 inning Sunday thanks to Dusty butchering the game so all bets are off.

Quick note on the Pirates: As bad as most fans think there team is and how they have been tortured, nothing compares to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates have not had a winning season in more than 15 years. That is ridiculous. Not one winning year. Never even close to the playoffs. And this years team is awful with nothing in the farm system to get excited about. The fact that any fan would support that team is beyond me. Then again I supported the Bengals in the 90's so what do I know.

Happy Birthday to Jerry Hairston and the one and only #44 Eric Davis.

Reds win again, Bruce is human

I guess everyone has to make an out and Jay Bruce finally did. It took him 6 at bats. He did however have a double that would have scored a run if Arroyo could have gotten a bunt down. The team looked great tonight at the plate, on the mound, and in the field. Great plays by Freel, EE, and Dunn, an excellent night of pitching by Arroyo and a hitting clinic from David Ross helped the Reds beat the Pirates 9-1. Harang on the mound tomorrow looking for a sweep. I don't even think Dusty can screw this streak up now that Patterson is gone. Here are some other quick thoughts:

Bruce seems to be fitting in nicely with the team. After a line drive to the gap in the middle innings, Bruce sprinted to it, tried a pop-up slide and grab the ball. It didn't work and he fumbled it a little but the runner did not advance beyond second, which is where he would have been even if he had made a clean play on the slide. After watching the rookie try so hard in a 7-1 game, Phillips started laughing and Griffey said something to him that had them both laughing. I think it is safe to say that he has energized the entire team and they are all having more fun with him out there. They were also joking with him a good bit in the pregame jog right before the national anthem. Very good vibes coming from this team ever since Dusty was suspended and they realized they didn't need him to win.

Hairston looks great at the top of the order. He works counts and finds holes. He is also stealing bases without being thrown out.

Not much of a crowd tonight. Less than 20K to see "The Next Big Thing." Hopefully after this weekend they will be above .500 and people will get excited again. I think this team will make a run and the city will rally around them.

More tomorrow but it sure was fun going to the game and watching the Reds lay it on the Pirates.harang should win tomorrow and give us a sweep. Bust out the brooms.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


COREY IS GONE! Optioned to Louisville! This is what I have been wanting for so long. Jay Bruce starting and Corey Patterson gone. I guess someone is reading the blog. Now if they would only get rid of Dusty and hire a manager who won't throw our young phenom 118 pitches. His arm is going to fall off. O well, let's revel in the dismissal of Patterson with a serenading by Cub fans earlier this year:

I will be attending tonight's game in honor of this great day and will have a report when I get home tonight.

Sorry for the baseball exclusive posts recently, it has been a big week for the Reds. Anything you want me to cover besides how terrible Dusty is, let me know.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Day

Sometimes you just wake up and know it is a good day. Today is one of those days. After months of complaining that Patterson should not be playing and Bruce should, I am happy to inform everyone that my dream has been realized Tonight, starting in centerfield and batting second, is the #1 prospect in baseball, Jay Bruce. I am guessing a 1-4 night with a double and an RBI. Here is him hitting a HR for the Bats:

Hopefully that will continue in Cincinnati this year.

Now Dusty will be tested. In spring training, Bruce was sent to AAA because they wanted him to play everyday rather than ride the bench in Cincinnati. They would not bring him up until he could play everyday in Cincinnati. Now he is up. Corey Patterson is still on the team. Will Dusty play the automatic out or the best prospect in baseball? I bet Patterson still plays because Dusty is a terrible manager.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Jorts or Jean Shorts

Not sure which to call them. I prefer jean shorts because it sounds more formal which juxtaposes the informalness for which they were designed. I can't help but smile when I see people wearing them and feel they have made a resurgence recently. That is why this post is dedicated to them. I will not mention my favorite Red went 0-8 in a single game lowering his average to .201 and never reached base while Dusty threw our young ace on one day rest. That makes me mad. Jean shorts always make me happy. Here are some styles to choose from:

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These are easy to make by cutting off the legs of jeans you no longer want. It also
allows the wearers to vary the length of the frays at the bottom. I prefer long frays because they blow in the wind and tickle your legs. The problem with cutoffs is they can't be worn to church or a state fair beauty pageant as formal jean shorts.


Great for a draft party in Mississippi. More formal then the frays and also bring the leg up to show off more skin. The white jean shorts are also a plus because they go well with pale white skin. These tell people you know you are wearing jean shorts but don't want to get any nice ones so I will just clean up my cutoffs.


These are for the occasion when you are working with your hammer or drill and need some place to put it while I drink your beer. They can also be worn to a bar because they show chicks you are handy and they dig that. These are not quite formal but a step up from cutoffs.

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These jean shorts say "I went to the store, tried these on, and they look good." The frays and rollups can be old jeans you cut off. These say I knew they were jean shorts and these are what I wanted. Can be worn to your best outdoor concert, church picnic, or photo shoots.

In sum, jean shorts are a wonderful creation and provide me with tons of entertainment. Whatever style you chose, just wear them with pride because you are telling the world you love denim, even if it makes me look ridiculous.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I told you it would happen. His two game suspension was just what the Reds needed to start a two game winning streak. Players were allowed to walk if they didn't get a good pitch. They didn't have to swing at anything because the coach didn't tell them walks and striking out are bad but groundouts and popouts are good as long as you swing. They got on base and scored runs. IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT! Our big swingers hit homers without worrying about bunting or striking out on bad pitches. Griffey hit one, Dunn hit one, Votto hit a 3-run homer after a walk ahead of him clogged the bases. It was good baseball and, although they stranded a ridiculous amount of runners last night, they still managed to score 7. Amazing how that works. You don't have to hit that well but when there are constantly people on base, good things happen.

Unfortunately, the Reds management will probably allow Dusty back on the bench tonight, hurting our chance of taking the series. My only hope is that the team has learned he has no idea what he is doing and will continue doing what they have been doing the last few nights, taking what the pitcher gives them without worrying about 'old school baseball.' HIRE CHRIS SPIER, FIRE DUSTY BAKER!

Ok maybe not. Spier was the manager on Friday when our best player, Corey Patterson, tried stealing third with two outs. Every little kid knows you NEVER make the first or third out at third base. I mean EVERYONE knows that. Still, he tried to steal third with the heart of our order coming up and was thrown out, ending an inning when two men were on and two outs. A basehit scores a run whether he is at second or third. Terrible baseball by Patterson and everyday he is still on this team I get a little more crazy. Someone needs to find out what hypnotic effect he has on the Reds organization and how we can get rid of it so they can see what everyone else sees, HE IS AWFUL AT BASEBALL.

OK, let me calm down. Off-day tomorrow so I will give you an a post dedicated to everyone's favorite clothing item, jean shorts.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Steak talk, not Reds talk

So the Reds lose again, blowing a 2-0 lead. At least Dusty proved he is alive because he got thrown out. Not that it mattered because the ump had already thrown out Edwin Encarnacion and gotten into the head of the Reds pitchers. By the time he stood up for his team it was too late to make a difference. Had he stood up in the first few innings, things might have been different. Dusty can clearly not manage an entire season but until he proves he can coach one game without messing up, I am going to remove myself from following them too close. That is all about the Reds until they play a good game. With Dusty at the helm, it may be a few weeks.

UPDATE: Dusty has been suspended for two games because he made contact with the ump before getting tossed. Here comes a two game winning streak.

Now I want to talk a little about steak houses. i have been very fortunate recently to have been to four amazing steak houses: Bones in Atlanta, Peter Luger's in New York, and Pat's and Jeff Ruby's in Louisville. This is like going to Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Wrigley, and Camden yards within a month. Let me break them down in four categories: Food and Drink, Service, and Atmosphere and judge them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Food and Drink: The steak at Bones is cooked to perfection. The meat is of very high quality and they cook it to exact specification. My medium rare steak was pink on the inside but not bleeding and the fillet was tender and juicy. Side items were good, but not great. The potatoes tasted good but the veggies could have used more flavor. The wine list was phenomenal with plenty of both Red and White in varrying price ranges. SCORE: 9

Service: I have been to Bones three of four times and each time the service was phenomenal. The waiters know the menu and wine list and can give great advice on what to order. They stay out of the way when eating and talking but are always there if you need something. The water glasses were always food and plates were taken as soon as you signaled you were finished. Couldn't ask for anything more. SCORE: 10

Atmosphere: Bones is located in a building that looks small from the outside. Once in side you quickly realize that is far from the reality. There is a spacious bar and the dinging area has a two levels and multiple wings making enough room for plenty of tables. The lights are turned low and the large space allows room to move without feeling cramped. While they do a great job creating an upscale and elegant atmosphere, it sometimes feel like you must be on your best behavior at all times, which can be difficult after a few mint juleps. SCORE: 8.5


Peter Luger's

Food and Drink: The specialty is steak. You order steak for the number of people and the steak comes out on a large plate. They precut it into smaller bites and you take as you wish from the serving plate. The side items are cooked and served family style which go well with the great meat. The restaurant is famous for its sauce with the steak which is excellent. Wine is affordable and very good. The steak was not the best meat but was cooked very well and served in a unique style that was great for me because I could eat as much as I wanted without anyone knowing I was eating more than my share. SCORE: 8.5

Service: Peter Luger's is famous for having rude service. I found this to be mostly a myth. I would not call it rude; I would call it aloof. The waters come by once for drinks. They return to take your meal order. They don't bother you with questions about the food or if there is anything else you would like. I actually liked this because no conversations were interrupted by questions about the wine. That being said, I little more interaction would have helped clear the table faster and receive more drinks when needed. The servers were not rude, they just stayed out of the way of dinner, sometimes a little too much. SCORE 8

Atmosphere: The restaurant was a little different from most steakhouses because it was a little brighter than most. The light's were turned up and made everything more visible. Accordingly, the atmosphere was more lively. It felt less formal and we could say anything we wanted without fear that it would upset the otherwise elegant atmosphere. I loved the way it was set up from lighting to the ample area around the tables. It also helps that I saw Uma Thurman eating there. SCORE 9.5



Food and Drink: The steak at Pat's was a little different than the others. The meat was of high quality but what really stood out was the seasoning. The flavor coming from the steak was distinct and very good. It was cooked to perfection and was the best tasting out of the four. The side items were good but not great. The wine list was very good with many options. The steak makes up for any deficiencies in the side items. SCORE 9.5

Service: Because it is a family owned steakhouse, the service was very good but nothing exceptional. The servers all seemed to know each other and handled anything that was needed with prompt service. The waiters knew the menu and were helpful when deciding between dressings and sides. They also accommodated a special request we made upon arrival. The service was very good and made for an enjoyable evening. SCORE 9

Atmosphere: The house the restaurant is in is very old and has many little coves and back rooms. The homely feel is accented by old decorations that seem a little out of place for a steakhouse. I think the inside could use a little update without reuining the feeling that you are eating a steak dinner at home. SCORE 8.5


Jeff Ruby's

Food and Drink: Jeff Ruby's manages to combine the two key things I look for in a steak: well-cooked and great flavor. The steak was very tender and juicy inside. The seasoning also managed to create great flavor. The combination of the two made for one of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten. Extensive wine list but few options for the lower budgets. SCORE 9

Service: The service never really wowed me. I felt like it was any other restaurant and never managed to sense anything special about the experience. The waiters did everything they were supposed to but did not make the evening any more special because of the service. SCORE 8

Atmosphere: The restaurant has a large dining area and is a wonderful place to eat. The lights are turned low but not too low to where you can't see anything. The decor is modern and gives a feel that you are eating a fancy dinner. If only the service made you feel the same way the atmosphere did. SCORE 8


Well there it is. My review of four very good steakhouses. Bones is the bestwhich is how I thought it would be. Thanks for allowing me a quick diversion from the sinking Titanic known as the Cincinnati Reds.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Albert Pujols = Ty Cobb?

Last night, in one half inning, Pu-holes hit a line drive off a pitcher's face. The pitcher had a broken nose and blood all over the mound and his face. This did not quench Pu-holes bloodlust. After reaching second, the following batter hit a single. Pu-holes came around third and slid into home. He managed to go in feet first, maybe spikes up, and break the catcher's ankle. There is no confirmation whatsoever that it was spikes up but after what he did to the pitcher I can only assume.

Ty Cobb was notorious for hurting people through dirty play. As a Reds fan, I hate Pu-holes mostly because he is good and can only hope that he is a bad person. I picture him as a cross between John Rocker and Jose Canseco, only not shitty at baseball. In reality, he is an amazing player and probably a great person. I just wish he would quit injuring people like Ty Cobb.

By the way, the Reds got swept in LA for the third year in a row. Now off to San Diego and hopefully not lose three. Patterson played again and we lost. He is awful. I am convinced he has pictures of Dusty with one of Ronaldo's tranny hookers. That is the only reason Dusty is playing him. He is certainly not playing because of his baseball "skills." Dusty must be fired now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another loss, change of subject

Ho hum, another west coast road swing and another loss. Corey Patterson started last night and while getting one hit still managed to lower is OPS. The latest VORP* shows that Patterson is a -.03. His OPS+ which is OPS adjusted by park is 83. 100 is average. This is HORRIBLE. He must be let go or traded for a Dodger Dog and a bag of boiled peanuts.

*VORP stands for Value of Replacement Player. The higher the number the better that player is than the average, bargain bin player.

Instead of dwelling on these horrible stats, let me move on to happier, off-topic things. Today is the day of the Champions League Soccer Final. The Champions League is a Soccer Tournament made up of the best teams from all over Europe. It is the most prestigious annual soccer tournament and the annual game is played much like the Super Bowl, in a predetermined major city. This year's game is in Moscow and pits two English teams, Manchester United and Chelsea. I have been fascinated in recent years with European soccer because of the passion. Manchester United is like the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, and Detroit Red Wings all mixed into one. Their coach was even knighted. That is the equivalent of our president awarding the highest civilian award to Joe Torre. I encourage people to watch because it is the best soccer game in the world and, while there aren't a ton of goals, the buildup to a goal is like nothing else. Also, once someone does score, the excitement is unparalleled. In between these goals there is constant chanting and cheering by the fans which is a lost art in American sports. Watch the excitement in that stadium and hope that one day it can be equaled in at least one American sport.

Johnny Cueto tonight. Hopefully he can lower that 5.75 ERA and Griffey can hit something other than a single. His slugging percentage is plummeting because all he does is hit singles. Hit 600 then hope we can trade him and call up Bruce. That would also entail Dusty started Bruce over Patterson which may be a problem but we will deal with that when the time comes.

Have a great Champions League Final Day and Go Chelsea.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Matt Belisle tonight, other thoughts

I cant wait.

Also, if Patterson starts again with his .226/.271/.403, greater steps need to be taken against Dusty. He OPS's .674. That is horrible and good enough for last among all Reds with more than 50 AB's.

Meanwhile, Jay Bruce is at .362/.392/.669 and OPS's 1.061. Boy am I glad he is in Louisville and Patterson is starting in CF. I don't care how bad Bruce's defense is in CF, we need hitters and he provides that.

Another great night last night for the Reds on the basebaths. Griffey is thrown out badly stretching a single to a double and Arroyo is thrown out tagging up to third on a flyball. Griffey would have scored on Phillips' triple and Arroyo would have been on second with the heart of the order coming up. Another blown game due to poor coaching.

Thanks Dusty. You have forced me to drink heavily.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in Business

Many thanks to Bad Kermit over at for turning this blog over to me. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing what he started.


First off let me state that I am a lifelong Reds fan of nearly 20 years. My first heroes were Eric Davis and Barry Larkin. I will always remember the All-Star game at Riverfront in 1988 and watching the Reds celebrate in Oakland in 1990. The playoffs in 1995 and the one game playoff in 1999 cut deep but provided me with winning baseball. Griffey coming home was a monumentus day for Cincinnati and all other small-market teams. I cherish these memories but fear they will get clouded with the current mismanagement of the Reds by Dusty Baker.


I will dedicate this blog to showing his inability to understand basic baseball knowledge as well as his refusal to adapt to the current state of baseball. His way of stubbornly giving away outs and loyalty to "old school baseball" make me crazy. He has shown throughout his career that he has one way of playing and that way has gone by the wayside. Clogging the bases is a term that makes no sense yet he continues to believe in. Men on base is a good thing. That is the goal of every batter. Dusty feels swinging the bat should be the goal of every batter and this leads to meaningless outs and wasted at bats. This leads to more losses for my beloved Reds and that is simply not a satisfactory result. HE MUST BE STOPPED. That is my mission, take it or leave it.


While getting Dusty Baker as far away from Cincinnati is my main goal, I will also be posting about other baseball topics of interest. I read many other blogs online and have found that ones that cover many topics tend to be the best rather than ones focused on a single entity. In this vein, I will take inspiration from Joe Posnanski,, and others to keep things interesting while still focusing on Dusty himself.


I hope those reading this will understand that most of what is said should not be taken serious. It is a joke. Dusty Baker is a good man but not a good manager. Once my mission is complete he can return to ESPN or, god willing, take over in St. Louis and ruin the Cardinals.