Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Quick Dusty Thoughts Before Non Baseball Thoughts

Heard from some of my fans that there is a little too much reds related stuff in my posts so only a few Dusty related items before moving to more interesting topics.

Dusty Rant
So we saw again last night that pitching your ace on 2 days rest for a meaningless game in June is not a good long term plan.  The Harangatang tired and found it difficult to hit the strikezone and we went down in flames again.
Also why is Keppinger playing on a major league baseball team.  I know Dusty "has a feeling he is going to get hot soon", but the fact he is hitting below the Mendoza line since returning from the DL and hadn't hit the baseball in his last 23 ABs going into last nights game might indicate "he sucks".  Now if we had a huge hole in the infield i would understand playing him, but we have Harriston Jr (who is still hitting the ball well), Bruce and Edwin.  I just don't get it why Dusty relies on his hunches that people will "Get hot" when they just suck.  
So now we need to win the next two to take the series and keep some hope alive in a division which is now extremely competitive.  
For the future, I say we lock Dunn up for the long term and build our team around him.  Frankly we don't need any more prospects and are about 2 years away from being very good with the guys we have.  If we can get something for Grif go for it, but i don't think that is possible so why not just ride this season out (maybe add a young catcher or reliever if we can get it) then make a run at the central.  If we can keep Griffey around for a few years so he is a red when he hits 700 that would be fun.

Non Dusty News
So thinking about what non dusty news would interest my fan, I thought it would be fun to think of the 5 greatest moments in RR/RR Challenge History.  Please let me know your thoughts.  As a straw man here are mine:
1) CT and EV wanting to drag Easy's fat carcass through the sand to win $5,000.  if the producers hadn't stepped in there is no doubt in my mind that they would have drug Easy to the finish line and then fought over who got his share of the prize money
2) Wes going into the inferno about 20 times with that worthless girl Kacey and then winning.  he was clearly on performance enhancing drugs, but it was amazing how much people hated him and yet he still won.  (Quick tangent- if they did a drug test after a season, do we think anyone would pass.  Also how many different drugs would they find among all the contestants?)
3) The day i learned that Beth was born before 1970.  see here (also she was in Son in Law which is funny)
4) Timmy pulling what many thought was an amazing upset over Abe in the glass smashing challenge only to learn one of his sheets of glass didn't break all the way.  We later learn that he had shards of glass in his knees to the point he couldn't walk for a few days.  They showed a musical montage of his time on RR 2 and his many challenges which made the Big Deal Palace a little dusty.  
5) The battle of the sexes season where the men completely destroyed the women in every challenge.   Also the women were completely unorganized and petty while the men had a rational approach to selected who got eliminated based on penalties.  It got to the point of being sad watching the women fight and hate each other while the men proceeded to destroy them week in and week out.

So those are my off the top of the head top 5.  Let me know if you have others. 

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