Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thanks to the Fans

Thanks for your comments on my rant. I can now officially use the plural when referring to the fans of FDB. We appreciate all the support.

Random comment from George during today's Reds game. Jay Bruce Almighty is up with 2outs and we hear "Bruce has not only been hitting well, but has been extremely good hitting in the clutch. He has 10 hits in 42 plate appearances with 2 outs." So it is one thing to just spout out that someone is clutch with no statistical evidence, but George actually points out the numbers. These same numbers say Bruce as an average below .250 with 2 outs, his average on the year is .287 so he is actually not "clutch" as defined by George.

Will post more after the game. Thought my loyal fans needed to hear this.

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Anonymous said...

Dusty is at it again leaving Coco Cordero in the game when he obviously is not pitching well. 2 runs 1 out, lets keep him in. 1 more run no outs lets keep him in. Dusty Baker is clinically insane as a baseball manager fire him now Walt.