Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trade Talk and Patterson Live Blog

So after the way the Reds have played during this homestand, it is clear we are not going to make the playoffs (barring a 9 game winning streak in the next month). So the question the reds get every year are we buying or are we selling? The key move will be getting rid of Adam Dunn because he is in a contract year and will be expensive next year. I still am at a loss as to why we can't resign him. Let's look at the numbers:

Dunn makes $13mm this year, so saying he will command around 15-16mm next year, we are really only talking about finding another $3mm to keep him. Well first we have Grif rolling off the books at $8.2mm so there is quite a bit of free money to give Dunn $2mm and find someone to replace grif (or ask Grif to take a pay cut to stick around since he isn't worth that much money any more and may want to finish his career as a Red). Other options, Corey Patterson makes $3mm which seems high for a 9th inning defensive replacement who can't hit, trading Bronson while the market for him is still hot and free up $6.8mm, getting rid of Stormy Weathers who is on the books for $3.3mm (I say we trade Stormy to the Cubs and hope he helps them collapse and maybe we still have a shot this year).

So looking at it by the numbers, if the Reds do not sign Dunn it is a slap in the face to the loyal Reds fanbase. They are basically saying we would like to trade a good player for a bunch of cheap people and save money. While they will say these prospects make the team better in the future, do not be fooled. Once these prospects become better in the future we will trade them for more prospects. Dusty please stand up and say to Walt, we need Dunn because he is our best player (he will instead say, "lets trade him for some young guys I can mold into excellent bunting, free swinging, non-base clogging machines").

FYI Corey Patterson is starting today. Will give you live updates of his at bats.

So Patterson is batting first which makes sense given his .224 on base percentage (yes that isn't his average. Also lowest VORP on the team by 5 runs at -11.3)
HOLY CRAP Patterson took the first pitch. it was a terrible pitch but still nice to see.
Next two pitches he is swinging away. Thank goodness he takes the next pitch but it does bounce before hitting the plate. And he then flies out with a weak pop up to right. that will lower his batting average to less than the current .190 (i know batting average isn't a great stat, but since it is Dusty's bread and butter stat you would think an average below the mendoza line would keep this guy off the team. No it doesn't).

CP takes first pitch strike (i think he is reading this blog). Strike swinging, ball and then a terrible third pitch strike. I mean he looked like a complete idiot. WHY ARE WE PAYING HIM $3million. He's off the books next year, we replace him with any one of theses guys ( and use the money on Dunn. No one could argue that point.

This at bat is all the more special b/c the man he replaced tonight Jay Bruce, just got a pinch hit. Nice to have the bat out of the game.
First Pitch: Swinging all the way and foul. Good eye on the second pitch. Another lazy fly ball to right. So he is 0-3 on the day. Also Bako tried to lay down a bunt this inning. I hope it wasn't an attempt to move a runner to second down 8-0. We had a passed ball this inning that goes all the way to the screen, but runner stays on first. That's the sign of a well coached team, completely unaware for what is going on. I'm also guessing the first base coach (Teri Hatcher I believe) also was more interested in Seacrest than the game. Well I doubt I'll be around for CP's last at bat. I'll predict he doesn't get on base.

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