Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Fresh Point of Veiw

With Boose finally beginning to focus on that little test he has at the end of the month (paternity), I have decided to take the reigns for a bit. I also just finished a four year run with Fremulon New York and since I no longer work 1,000 hours a week there is some free time in my life.

As background, I also have nothing against Dusty Baker as a person, but think there is no way he should manage my kids little league team much less a storied franchise like the Reds. Our record to date speaks for itself. I mean you could argue we are "rebuilding", but after 18 years without a playoff appearance I think we are done with "rebuilding." It seems to me that we have enough pieces in place to make a run at the terrible National League. With Cueto, the Harangatang (I've been trying to get that nickname to take off for years), Volquez and Bronson, we have a decent rotation. Yes we could use someone who could be described as "not crappy" in middle relief, but have a decent (if not extremely over priced) closer. As for our bats, we have Grif (who showed us last night he still has a little gas left in the tank), the Big Donkey (one of the best nicknames out there), Jay Bruce, Corey Patterson (I really think he has turned the corner and after bunting the other day in a pitch hit appearence and reaching second on an error. I mean that showed some skill that doesn't show up in the stat sheets. Baseball is about more than how many more runs you score than the other team, heart and guts play a huge portion) and frankly only need 4 other serviceable guys to have a strong line up. It is also extremely helpful to play in the Canada of professional baseball leagues, where a .500 record puts us in the hunt. Only reason I can see why we aren't there is good Ol' Dusty. So we will blog on in relative obscurity until he is removed from power and major league baseball's oldest franchise can move itself back into the national discussion (we have been last on the highlights of sports center the last 3 days, which is pathetic given we came behind a hot dog eating contest, the blue jays highlights and some great banter between the two hosts).

Alright, I know we have won two straight and hopefully we can put together a "winning streak" before the break. Tomorrow's post will actually reference the game of baseball, but wanted to let you guys know where I'm coming from. Other sports I plan to cover over time include Olympic sports (love watching 'merica against the rest of world), college football & basketball, soccer, real world road rules challenges and frankly anything else on TV. Any suggestions from any one of the blogs 12 readers are encouraged. Look forward to a long hard fight to remove Dusty and we will not rest until he is back in the studio at espn (and then we may likely complain about that).

Much Love,

T. Tremendous

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