Monday, July 21, 2008

11 Out of First and 9 out of the WC

Without a major run we will be in trouble this year. While I haven't given up hope (well more so than I normally do), we should look at the way this team has played of late and realize we have all the pieces to make a run next year. I keep fighting the same fight with Dunn (who leads the team in VORP, OPS and HRs), who many will argue strikes out too much, which is much worse than hitting into an out because I guess it counts for more by making the pitcher use more than 3 pitches. Also his batting average is low which off sets his OBP b/c singles are better than base clogging. Lastly his homers may be good, but he isn't clutch and his home runs are just selfish attempts to score runs with one swing of the bat. Let me know if I didn't summarize the argument against Dunn properly. For a much better argument for keeping Dunn see our friend C. Trent

Watching tonight's game, hopefully we can whip the Padres (eventhough Give Up A Lot of Homer Baily is pitching back to his prior form). If we can start winning series and get to .500 hopefully people will realize we are VERY close to turning the corner and stop rebuilding. Why not shoot our wad next year and see what happens.

That brings me to the age old question. Would you rather have a team like the Marlins that win a World Series every few years and then sells the team (assuming this happens to a team where people actually give a whomp about baseball) or the Dodgers who are normally in contention but haven't won since Curt Gibson. Thoughts? Frankly at this point I just want to win so give me the Marlins and a WS.

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Drew said...

Just one comment today Tom. I think it's time to give up on the word "whomp". It just isn't working at all. Please take that into consideration. Thanks.