Thursday, June 12, 2008

Team struggling, Dusty has an idea

Let's bench our hot young hitter who the fans love and want to see in favor of the worst player on the team that will get booed in front of the home fans. Great idea Dusty. Tonight it will be Corey Patterson in center and Jay Bruce on the bench. I guess Pete Rose talked to Dusty and said he needed a St. Louis win in order to cover some losses with his bookie. Either that or Corey has a story about Dusty similar to this. O well.

The Reds Sox come to town followed by the Dodgers before we hit the road for 9 tough games. The Reds could easily be 15 out in two weeks and ready to start trading some people. I just wish someone would take Patterson, Bako, or Dusty but no other organization is that stupid.


Good news Marc said...

With the Red Sox coming to town this weekend maybe Dusty can see the proper way handle young pitchers -

floyd said...

Even a bad idea is encouraging, because up to now this guy hasn't had a clue.