Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Patterson back, Boose drunk

This is it. Patterson has been recalled from Louisville. The one player who can single handedly lead me to binge drinking is now sharing a locker room, and trying to steal playing time, from the best prospect the Reds have produced in a decade. If Dusty uses him for anything other and pitch running in a 10 run game I am going to be pissed. And not the kind of pissed where you mutter under your breath, but because I am drunk it will be the kind of pissed where I yell multiple expletives and break someone or something. This means all dogs better beware: Corey Patterson is back and Boose is looking for something to kick.

UPDATE: Not only is Patterson starting in center but he is batting second. SECOND. Are you kidding me? Right in front of Bruce virtually guaranteeing that no one will be on when our hottest hitter comes to the plate. Dusty must be doing this now because if he did this in Cincy, Corey would be booed mercilessly. Dusty could easily start Janish at SS and Hairston in center, avoiding this totally, if not for Corey possessing pictures of Dusty and a bunch of tranny whores.

In honor of this display of immense stupidity by Dusty I will be LIVE blogging during Corey's ABs for all 10 people that read this. I know you are excited.

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