Monday, June 23, 2008

Off Day Talk

The Reds took 2 of 3 from the Yankees in NY, much better result then most people, including me, thought. Now it is off to American Jr. to play the Blue Jays. Should be interesting to see J.P Ricciardi, the Toronto GM who last week said Adam Dunn doesn't like baseball, and the Big Donkey who responded by calling him a clown. Hall of Fame writer Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News had an interesting thought:

"Can’t wait for batting practice tomorrow to see if Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi approaches Adam Dunn to apologize for ripping him on a radio show. I hope Dunn does what Ron Oester once did to former Reds GM Jim Bowden and turns his back if Ricciardi sticks out his hand.

The Oester incident: Bowden told Oester he had the managerial job in 2001 and made a money offer. Oester said he’d like a day to think about it and Bowden said OK. Then, that day, Bowden gave the job to Bob Boone without calling Oester. Boone said he’d take the job and didn’t care about the money.

So when Oester appeared with members of the 1990 World Series champions not long after that, when Bowden walked up and down the players lined up on the first-base line, Oester turned his back when Bowden reached him."

The Jays have lost 7 or 8 and the Reds should win at least 2 if not a total sweep. I also hope Dunn hits 4 homers and stares down J.P.'s suite everytime he crosses home plate. Although it wont matter as long as Patterson is still out in CF. And yes, I know he hit a homer this weekend but that is his only contribution in the last 2 months. 20 outs for one homerun is not a good ratio. Bronson Arroyo can do that. Now if only Dusty could see that.

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