Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corey leading off, going to be a great night

I have given up trying to figure out why Corey keeps playing. He is terrible with the bat yet Dusty bats him first. His speed is irrelevant since he never gets on base. The fun part about tonight is he goes up against another terrible lead off OF in Juan Pierre. His OPS+ is 71, Corey's is 47. Neither is even close to the average major leaguer, which is 100, but both have great speed when they run out a ground ball to second base. Dusty will be in heaven.

If we could somehow work a trade for Matt Kemp or Russell Martin while they are in town it would be of great help since we need a good catcher and an outfielder to replace Patterson. Although knowing Dusty, he will try and get Pierre so he can but them both at the top of the order and guarantee no one will be on base for the middle of the lineup. But at least they have speed. I say we win 2 of 3 before heading out for a disastrous road trip. I have a feeling it will be a bloodbath in NY, Toronto, and Cleveland. Unless of course Dusty is fired and that has as good a chance of happening as this.

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