Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Loss

Two straight one run losses on the road. I'm sure that has nothing to do with coaching. Glad Harang threw another 110 pitches tonight and the last 15 were the ones where he gave up 4 hits. He is definitely not still hurting from his 4 inning relief effort 10 days ago. Thanks Dusty, our best pitcher is frustrated and struggling. His record is 2-8 and has gotten no run support thanks to a lineup that featured no Griffey and The Human Out Paul Bako. Just terrible. We better win tomorrow or it will be a 0-4 tip because there is no way we beat Cole Hamels.

Now a thing about Philly fans. I hate them. I really do. It is not prejudice because I have known dozens of them and they are all obnoxious, mean, illogical fans. They have booed Santa Claus, Mike Schmidt, Dr. J, hometown boy Kobe Bryant when he won the MVP, Donovan McNabb on his draft day, any home team when they are losing at halftime or lose the game. They also cheer when opposing players leave on stretchers, throw batteries at opposing players, throw snow/iceballs at players, and even shot a flair gun during a game. They say they are just "passionate" but you can be passionate without hurting or humiliating other fans and teams. I guess they have reason to be mad with teams in the 4 major sports yet not winning a championship for 25 years. Cincinnati only has 2 major sports teams and they won one in 1990. New York and Boston, the two cities Philly fans wish they were, have combined for about 30. Ok, that may be too much but who cares. Philly still has 0. I just wish their fans would realize this and quit acting they their teams are the greatest and all others suck. There is a difference between obnoxious and passionate. Philly fans, learn the difference.

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