Thursday, June 05, 2008

Out of Phily, headed to Florida

I think we will get at least 3 in Florida because Volquez will win, Harang will not lose again, and either Cueto or Arroyo will shut down the Marlins. Tough day today but Homer pitched alright. 3 runs were unearned thanks to 3 errors and another scored after he left and Affeldt did what he does, let the inherited runner score. All in all, not bad for a #5 starter. At least Corey Patterson got to end the game as the last batter and swung at the first pitch, popping out easily.

Quick note on Patterson and his defense:

I never said he was a bad fielder. As a purely ninth inning defensive replacement and pinch runner, he is alright. According to his Range Factor per nine innings is 2.85 while the league average is 2.69. That means he gets to .16 more balls per game. If he played every inning of ever game left he would make 16 more plays then the average CF. I'll let those fall in order to keep him out of the lineup.

O by the way, he has an OPS+ of 47. 100 is average. No defense could ever make up for that.

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