Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Griffey hits 600, Birds come to town

Here is Marty's call of 600.

Tough home stretch and the Reds need to start off strong. They are facing a 24 year old rookie named Mitchell Boggs who has never started a game. Hell, 6 years ago he was pitching for Dalton High in Northwest Georgia. The Reds should pound him but we have had trouble in the past against rookie pitchers. Also, Wainwright went on the DL so we miss him which is another good break. Taking 2 would be good while a sweep would be huge. Unfortunately the Reds will still pitch to Pujols so he is going to get 4 HR's and 8 RBI's. I propose walking him every time he bats no matter what. Let the HGH boys Ankiel and Glaus beat us. Unless they got a new shipment, the Reds would be better off.

Quick food note: Is there anything better than Hamburger Helper? I say no. I love it and have tried every kind on the shelves as well as a few new ones from my inside source. Double Cheeseburger Macaroni is the filet mignon of HH. 4-cheese is closer to a T-Bone and Lasagna is the basic strip. I have a new one tonight and it is called Cheesy Ranch Burger. Looking forward to it. Sloppy Joe is later this week. If you have another suggestion, let me know.

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Drew said...

You are right. Catching the Cards at a good time with Wainwright and Wellemeyer both injured. No worries though. We all know how much Pujols loves playing the Reds at the "Small Park". Well hell, anywhere for that matter. 2 of 3 for the Cards. You should take it.