Monday, June 09, 2008

Looks like Harang is the one

I previously had a poll of which pitcher Dusty would hurt first and it appears to be Harang. He has been our ace for 3 years. Now he is 2-9 and since Dusty allowed him to pitch 4 innings on two days rest he has gone 4IP, 10H, 6ER; 6IP, 9H, 3ER; 5.1IP, 11H, 7ER; and his ERA has gone up an entire run. He doesn't know what is wrong but I have an idea; He pitched 4 innings on 2 days rest then came back and threw 4 more after 3 days rest. For a pitcher whose body is used to 4 days off each time, that is horrible. Dusty has overworked him and he is struggling to get back on schedule. Hopefully he can get it together soon before the season disappears. Home against STL and BOS this week. We need at least a win tonight and a 3-3 week or the season will slip away.

Onto soccer. The poll shows a substantial amount of readers, 3, want me to talk about soccer. Well one of the largest soccer tournaments, European Cup 2008, started this past weekend. This is a tournament involving 16 teams from across Europe. They are divided into 4 groups of 4 teams and after a round robin, 2 teams from each enter an 8-team tournament. Europeans love their soccer and this tournament includes most of the best teams in the world save for Brazil, Argentina, and England(who failed to qualify because they could not earn a tie at home against Croatia last fall). ESPN is showing every game on either ESPN, ESPN2(most are on here), and ESPN Classic. Each day belongs to one group the first 2 weeks meaning 2 games a day, one at 12 and the other at 2:45. Watch if you want to hear great fan support and even better soccer. This is how crazy they are about this tournament.


Gritty said...

you could write about Griffey and how he's a magical knight in shining armor here to save baseball from steroids the same way the steroid freaks saved baseball from the strike?

JC said...

you could write about food.
i like food.