Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pujols is no longer an issue

Albert Pujols was hurt in last nights game and sent back to St. Louis for more tests. Not a good sign. As much as I hate the new Ty Cobb he is really good and fun to watch even if he is 31-i mean 28. His shot off Lidge from 2005 was one of my favorite moments in baseball the past 3 years. Now the Reds should win the net two games. We have Cueto tonight and Arroyo tomorrow against a lineup that is now at best 'below-average' and at worst 'Royals-like.' If Dusty loses the next two we might as well pack it in and do what he can to get Matt Kemp, the Dodgers CF who is apparently on the market. A package of Dunn, Matt Maloney, and another prospect may do it and it would be amazing to have Kemp and Bruce in the OF for the next 10 years. Or at least the next 5 when they both are headed for free agency. However, I am sure Dusty would try and make him bunt and swing at anything so as to avoid clogging the bases. Sure is working so far this year for his last place team.

Another reason to watch Euro Cup right here. Seems like as good a thing to root for as any.

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