Friday, June 06, 2008

Big win, looking for more

The game isn't over but I am counting it as a win. Great game all around. Dusty did send Cueto back out with an 8-3 lead and 100 pitches. He might have done it because Cueto had a bad 5th and wanted him to end the night on a good note. He did get a quick 1-2-3 6th and was taken out. It worked this time for Dusty. Then again, as long as Jay Bruce is in the lineup, Dusty's mistakes get lost in Bruce's almighty glow. Patterson still got an at bat and saw as many pitches, 4, as he did in his first 3 at bats two nights ago. He never made contact in getting a K but at least he made the pitcher work.

If Bronson can win tomorrow we should sweep because Harang and Volquez are not losing to the Marlins. Keep it rolling and hopefully we can see a triple crown tomorrow. Horse racing needs it badly even if it has to be that arrogant blowhard Rick Dutrow.

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