Monday, June 16, 2008

No Reds today but plenty other things to watch

The Reds blew the series with the Red Sox by losing both game over the weekend. No big surprise there. Now they have a day off before a three game series with the Dodgers. A sweep of them would give the Reds a .500 home stand before a tough road trip to Yankee stadium, Toronto and Cleveland. If we can get the sweep and stay at .500 on the road trip, it would be huge. I'm sure Dusty will blow some games by playing Corey Patterson and the Reds will lose more than they win.

Other things on TV today: That whole playoff thing should be fun to watch. Pretty level playing field except for Tiger's 64-5 lead in tournaments won and 13-0 in majors. I'll take Tiger by 3 with an even to Rocco's +3.

Also, Euro 2008 continues with some teams getting eliminated. Poland-Croatia and Austria-Germany today with both being played at 2:45. Germany and Croatia will probably move on. Although, there is always the chance that Austria and Germany will team up and take over the rest of Europe until the US comes in and kicks their ass. If I were Poland, I would be worried if I heard tank noises during the game. I'm just saying it wouldn't be the first time.

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