Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in Business

Many thanks to Bad Kermit over at for turning this blog over to me. I really appreciate it and look forward to continuing what he started.


First off let me state that I am a lifelong Reds fan of nearly 20 years. My first heroes were Eric Davis and Barry Larkin. I will always remember the All-Star game at Riverfront in 1988 and watching the Reds celebrate in Oakland in 1990. The playoffs in 1995 and the one game playoff in 1999 cut deep but provided me with winning baseball. Griffey coming home was a monumentus day for Cincinnati and all other small-market teams. I cherish these memories but fear they will get clouded with the current mismanagement of the Reds by Dusty Baker.


I will dedicate this blog to showing his inability to understand basic baseball knowledge as well as his refusal to adapt to the current state of baseball. His way of stubbornly giving away outs and loyalty to "old school baseball" make me crazy. He has shown throughout his career that he has one way of playing and that way has gone by the wayside. Clogging the bases is a term that makes no sense yet he continues to believe in. Men on base is a good thing. That is the goal of every batter. Dusty feels swinging the bat should be the goal of every batter and this leads to meaningless outs and wasted at bats. This leads to more losses for my beloved Reds and that is simply not a satisfactory result. HE MUST BE STOPPED. That is my mission, take it or leave it.


While getting Dusty Baker as far away from Cincinnati is my main goal, I will also be posting about other baseball topics of interest. I read many other blogs online and have found that ones that cover many topics tend to be the best rather than ones focused on a single entity. In this vein, I will take inspiration from Joe Posnanski,, and others to keep things interesting while still focusing on Dusty himself.


I hope those reading this will understand that most of what is said should not be taken serious. It is a joke. Dusty Baker is a good man but not a good manager. Once my mission is complete he can return to ESPN or, god willing, take over in St. Louis and ruin the Cardinals.


Bad Kermit said...

Good luck, Boose. I recommend drinking heavily.

Drew said...

Nice mission statement Boose. It's refreshing to see someone so dedicated to such a crappy baseball team. It's pretty telling that your beloved Reds are behind in the standing to the triple A team the Cardinals have been rolling out this year. But I am in support of this blog. Anything that improves the Reds would be a good thing. It would be like seeing a little brother succeed in something.