Sunday, May 25, 2008


I told you it would happen. His two game suspension was just what the Reds needed to start a two game winning streak. Players were allowed to walk if they didn't get a good pitch. They didn't have to swing at anything because the coach didn't tell them walks and striking out are bad but groundouts and popouts are good as long as you swing. They got on base and scored runs. IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT! Our big swingers hit homers without worrying about bunting or striking out on bad pitches. Griffey hit one, Dunn hit one, Votto hit a 3-run homer after a walk ahead of him clogged the bases. It was good baseball and, although they stranded a ridiculous amount of runners last night, they still managed to score 7. Amazing how that works. You don't have to hit that well but when there are constantly people on base, good things happen.

Unfortunately, the Reds management will probably allow Dusty back on the bench tonight, hurting our chance of taking the series. My only hope is that the team has learned he has no idea what he is doing and will continue doing what they have been doing the last few nights, taking what the pitcher gives them without worrying about 'old school baseball.' HIRE CHRIS SPIER, FIRE DUSTY BAKER!

Ok maybe not. Spier was the manager on Friday when our best player, Corey Patterson, tried stealing third with two outs. Every little kid knows you NEVER make the first or third out at third base. I mean EVERYONE knows that. Still, he tried to steal third with the heart of our order coming up and was thrown out, ending an inning when two men were on and two outs. A basehit scores a run whether he is at second or third. Terrible baseball by Patterson and everyday he is still on this team I get a little more crazy. Someone needs to find out what hypnotic effect he has on the Reds organization and how we can get rid of it so they can see what everyone else sees, HE IS AWFUL AT BASEBALL.

OK, let me calm down. Off-day tomorrow so I will give you an a post dedicated to everyone's favorite clothing item, jean shorts.

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Sarge said...

We at the Lattice of Coincidence sympathize deeply with your pain.

Today's loss involved all kinds of idiocy - my favorite being the Corey Patterson line.

He could have been a good one. Isn't it odd that Dusty refused to play him when playing him would have helped his development immeasurably and they had nobody really to play centerfield - and now with the Reds, that Corey doesn't really fit into that role -never had a chance to really - and they do have somebody ready to step in and perhaps be as close to Ryan Braun as anybody has a right to be in their rookie year (except playing a nice CF rather than some of the worst 3b ever)?

Best of luck - I borrowed your picture of Dusty with the hat. It was just too good not to use.

peace - I hope the Peter Luger's eased the pain some. I've always wanted to go there - I live like five blocks away...