Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harang tonight, Braves this weekend

Should be another win tonight. Our ace on the mound against a reeling Pirate team that is ready to pack it in for the season. They have been in contention for too long. The Braves are terrible on the road so we should win two of three and get back to almost .500. Then again, Harang threw 4 inning Sunday thanks to Dusty butchering the game so all bets are off.

Quick note on the Pirates: As bad as most fans think there team is and how they have been tortured, nothing compares to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates have not had a winning season in more than 15 years. That is ridiculous. Not one winning year. Never even close to the playoffs. And this years team is awful with nothing in the farm system to get excited about. The fact that any fan would support that team is beyond me. Then again I supported the Bengals in the 90's so what do I know.

Happy Birthday to Jerry Hairston and the one and only #44 Eric Davis.

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BetterThanMarc said...

I can understand how you think the Pirates are ready to pack it in, I mean they are a whole half game behind the Reds.