Monday, October 15, 2007

Condolences to the City of Cincinnati

“See you guys at the GAB, dude!”
It looks like Christmas came a couple months early for the rest of the NL Central, as the Cincinnati Reds have signed Dusty Baker to a three-year contract. To MANAGE the team, in case that's not clear. Yes, the same Reds who are in the NL Central and who watched Dusty manage the Cubs. No, I'm not sure why yet. I guess they wanted a big name.

Go ahead and slide those black armbands all the way down to your wrists, Cincinnati.


Anonymous said...

As a Cincinnati Red fan for over 40 years I was shocked when they hired D.B. Being in the NL central they had to have seen how badly he managed the Cubs. Time will tell but I think he is a horribe choice as manager.

Anonymous said...
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