Friday, May 30, 2008

Harang tired, Thanks Dusty

I guess four innings on two days rest, then 70 pitches on three days rest may not have been the best idea. Who knew? The Reds could have started Fogg last night and given Harang his full 4 days off. They are going to start Fogg on Saturday anyway. It makes no sense whatsoever. Now we get to watch Dusty run our best y0ung pitchers into the ground this weekend. I predict 115 pitches for Volquez or 5 ER in less than 5 innings. Cueto will probably throw 110 more on Sunday even if the game is out of reach. Should be fun watching Kerry Volquez and Mark Cueto have Tommy John surgery this offseason.

Any Lost fans should read this recap. Explains a lot about the best episode of television since last year's Lost season finale.

Also, anyone looking to pay me back for writing this fabulous blog, I will accept payment in the form of this.

With Glavine, Jurrjens, and Hudson going this weekend, we will be lucky to get 2 of 3. Although with "The next big thing" playing everyday, we always have a chance. Let's hope for a sweep and a return to 1 game back of .500 heading into our 8 game road trip.

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