Thursday, May 22, 2008

Albert Pujols = Ty Cobb?

Last night, in one half inning, Pu-holes hit a line drive off a pitcher's face. The pitcher had a broken nose and blood all over the mound and his face. This did not quench Pu-holes bloodlust. After reaching second, the following batter hit a single. Pu-holes came around third and slid into home. He managed to go in feet first, maybe spikes up, and break the catcher's ankle. There is no confirmation whatsoever that it was spikes up but after what he did to the pitcher I can only assume.

Ty Cobb was notorious for hurting people through dirty play. As a Reds fan, I hate Pu-holes mostly because he is good and can only hope that he is a bad person. I picture him as a cross between John Rocker and Jose Canseco, only not shitty at baseball. In reality, he is an amazing player and probably a great person. I just wish he would quit injuring people like Ty Cobb.

By the way, the Reds got swept in LA for the third year in a row. Now off to San Diego and hopefully not lose three. Patterson played again and we lost. He is awful. I am convinced he has pictures of Dusty with one of Ronaldo's tranny hookers. That is the only reason Dusty is playing him. He is certainly not playing because of his baseball "skills." Dusty must be fired now.


Stewart said...

Hey Boose, I just saw the section entitled "Dusty's Worst Decisions" and I see that "Adam Dunn bunting" is on the list. You may want to remove that because, Dusty defended the move by saying "Adam is actually one of the best bunters on the team.

Luckily, he is also your best walkoff three-run homer hitting player too.

Bad Kermit said...

Pujols eats babies and just finished having sex with your mom.