Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reds win again, Bruce is human

I guess everyone has to make an out and Jay Bruce finally did. It took him 6 at bats. He did however have a double that would have scored a run if Arroyo could have gotten a bunt down. The team looked great tonight at the plate, on the mound, and in the field. Great plays by Freel, EE, and Dunn, an excellent night of pitching by Arroyo and a hitting clinic from David Ross helped the Reds beat the Pirates 9-1. Harang on the mound tomorrow looking for a sweep. I don't even think Dusty can screw this streak up now that Patterson is gone. Here are some other quick thoughts:

Bruce seems to be fitting in nicely with the team. After a line drive to the gap in the middle innings, Bruce sprinted to it, tried a pop-up slide and grab the ball. It didn't work and he fumbled it a little but the runner did not advance beyond second, which is where he would have been even if he had made a clean play on the slide. After watching the rookie try so hard in a 7-1 game, Phillips started laughing and Griffey said something to him that had them both laughing. I think it is safe to say that he has energized the entire team and they are all having more fun with him out there. They were also joking with him a good bit in the pregame jog right before the national anthem. Very good vibes coming from this team ever since Dusty was suspended and they realized they didn't need him to win.

Hairston looks great at the top of the order. He works counts and finds holes. He is also stealing bases without being thrown out.

Not much of a crowd tonight. Less than 20K to see "The Next Big Thing." Hopefully after this weekend they will be above .500 and people will get excited again. I think this team will make a run and the city will rally around them.

More tomorrow but it sure was fun going to the game and watching the Reds lay it on the Pirates.harang should win tomorrow and give us a sweep. Bust out the brooms.

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