Tuesday, March 02, 2010

TV Talk

Back to the Reds position breakdown Friday. For now, I will talk about the TV I am watching.

Saturday & Sunday

-Sports (all networks, all day)

Pretty simple. This is the time you watch football, basketball or baseball and sleep to golf or nascar. The only non-sports show worth watching is Saturday Night Live which is good about one out of every four now that Will Farrell is gone. I miss him. I need more cowbell!


-How I Met Your Mother (CBS 8:00)

I was skeptical of this show because CBS always shoves it down our throats during NFL games but after watching it for a while I came to appreciate it. The writing is great and Doogie Howser and the tall guy from Knocked Up are funny. The problem is the main character is the least funny character so they have to write around him. Not sure how long they can keep that up but I will keep watching for now. It gave us the greatest joke ever: What's the difference between Peanut Butter and Jam? (Answer at the end)

-Greek (ABC Family 10:00)

It is on ABC Family which isn't the best but it is about college kids who drink and hook up, not what you would expect. The writing is good and the situations are as close to real greek life as I have seen in a TV show. The problem is it has been going for a while so the characters are supposed to be 22 but look 30. That and they need fresh characters. I think this show is about to hit a wall. Easter Egg: The main character looks hot at first until you realize she is Kelsey Grammer's daughter. Then all you can think of is that she is Fraiser with tits. Scary.


-LOST (ABC 9:00)

The best show on TV right now. Nothing else to say. I will miss it when it is gone.


-Modern Family (ABC 9:00)

The best new show on TV because it is the best written show on TV. It has the deadpan interview setup of The Office and the dysfunctional family aspect of Arrested Development. Al Bundy is the dad with a new Colombian wife and her ten year old who acts 40. The second couple is Al's daughter with 3 teenage kids and a husband going through a midlife crisis. He is inappropriate and awkward, like Michael Scott mixed with Buster Bluth. The final couple is Al's gay son and his partner who recently adopted a Chinese baby. Every couple is hilarious and their interactions are priceless. A must watch every week.

-Cougartown (ABC 9:30)

Yeah, I know, Courtney Cox is old and not funny. True. But every time I think I am out there comes at least 3 moments when I laugh out loud. Her ex-husband on the show is great and really the only reason I watch. First on the chopping block if I cut one but I will always give a show a season to work the kinks out.


-Community (NBC 8:00)

Rough start but has come on strong the second half. Aved and Troy are the best characters and have gotten more attention now that they have stopped focusing on the will-they-wont-they of Jeff and the blond chick. Chevy Chase is unfunny but doesn't ruin it. I think the show has potential and I am glad they worked out the early problems.

-Parks and Recreation (NBC 8:30)

The first season was mediocre but this one has been amazing. I have never seen a show make the tournaround this one has. If it were a baseball player, everyone would be making PED jokes. The writing has been brilliant and the cast has really come together. The interactions make for plenty of awkward and uncomfortable scenes which I love. If you didn't like the first season, I implore you to try again. You will not be disappointed.

-The Office (NBC 9:00)

The show is still going strong. After Jim and Pam got together I thought the show was done but they have kept it going. The wedding episode was great and now they are having a baby. I think the show is starting to get redundant but I have thought it was done before. Still one of the best and, while not every episode is a home run, most are still above average.

-30 Rock (NBC 9:30)

Not sure what to make of this show. The last two seasons were amazing but this one isn't quite on that level. That doesn't mean it isn't one of the best on TV because it is. I am just worried it is on the way down instead of the way up. 30 Rock has earned a must watch but unless it picks it up the next few episodes, it will fall to the 3rd or 4th best Thursday night show. I still have hope it will turn around. Also, Alec Baldwin is amazing and the best character on any show. He makes it worth watching.


-Friday Night Lights (NBC)

This show will get its own post at some point. I know people always tell you its great and it gets so annoying that you don't want to watch it for spite but please don't do that. It is worth it. These people are right and you will regret not watching it.

Those are what you should watch. All 3 of you.

Answer to the joke: I can't Peanut Butter my dick in your ass

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Grady said...

You left our Survivor and Amazing Race? Cannot just let those great reality shows disappear? And also another show that should get more love is Gary Unmarried on Wed nights, also a great show. And Big Bang Theory? You need to watch more TV Boose, I think Cougar Town needs to be cut for some better stuff. I refuse to watch any sitcom that features anyone from the old Seinfeld/Friends casts. (other than Seinfeld who is still hilarious)

Are you going to give Parenthood or Marriage Ref a shot?