Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Links to real writing

I know this is where you go for real journalism so here are a few well written, well researched, and overall amazing pieces of writing I have read the past few weeks. I implore my readers to read at least one. Try and get through them all. They are long but worth it.

-A fantastic look at Roger Ebert from Esquire. This has been going around for a while and there is a reason for it. It is really good. The picture is shocking because he had his jaw removed after cancer was found but the description of his daily life is inspiring. His blog is also good at http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/. Will Leitch has his own Ebert story here in which he apologizes for being an ass. One journalist down, 1,000 more to go for Leitch.

-My favorite author, and one of the best writers in America, Michael Lewis comes out and hits another home run. I could read this guy describe paint dry. This one is and excerpt from his new book on the fall of the economy is 2008. The piece describes a guy who foresaw the first housing decline in 70 years and made tons of money. Pretty amazing stuff if you take the time to read it.

-Couldn't get through one of these without a link to the best sportswriter around Joe Posnanski. This one is even better because it is about the Reds' new pitching sensation Aroldis Chapman. He says they hype is justified. I am really hoping Dusty is gone before his arm is ruined.

-For all those Facebook addicts, this is who is profiting off your wasted time. Our fellow (former?) writer Tom Tremendous knows first hand since he was there and this story is what actually happened. Short version: He stole the idea from people who hired him to do the programming.

-Nice article on Bobby Gonzalez in the New York Times. He is considered the biggest ass in the Big East and I can only imagine this will help as he prepares for the Big East Tourny in MSG. Good luck Bobby.

-SI's Don Banks goes after Quarterback Kobe Rothlisberger. I love watching Steelers fans get knocked down a peg almost as much as I like watching UK fans get knocked down a peg. Don't pretend you are better then every other team because you aren't, you are just like every other team, winning is all that matters, tradition and character be damned.

-Get ready for LOST tonight. Only 10 left...

-And finally, hope everyone saw the Syracuse-Louisville game. If not you can read about it here, here, or here, or check out this picture which pretty much sums it up.


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Grady said...

Love the links Boose. The one on the 1-eyed guys was really long. But love the others. Interesting how the article on the origins of facebook show Zuckerberg as a douche the whole article and then draw conclusions that he is the victim in the lawsuit? Kinda weird. Cannot hear enough about Chapman, I AM GETTING REALLY EXCITED ABOUT HIM!!