Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Right Field Breakdown

I was going to do the entire outfield but Centerfield and Leftfield aren't set yet. Rightfield is easy.

Jay Bruce (.223/.303/.470/.773/100, 22 HR, 58 RBI)

Jay turns 23 on Saturday and is a cornerstone of the team. That is awfully young to be one of the faces of the franchise but he seems to take it in stride. He injured his wrist last season which limited him to 101 games. Despite the lost time he still hit 22 HRs and drew a decent amount of walks. His batting average is the one area he needs to improve. If he were to hit .270, his OBP would rise to .350. That is respectable for a right fielder and something that would make him a power in the middle of the order thanks to his high slugging. If he stays healthy the entire year I could see 35 HRs and a 140 OPS+, great numbers for a 23 year old, above average right fielder.

Hopefully the Reds will make their final cuts so I can complete the breakdowns.


Grady said...

I would like to see how you think the batting order should be? I have heard lots of talk of Phillips in the 4 spot, I cannot believe Dusty would make that mistake again. Votto #3 is an easy pick, how do you think it will end up? I sure hope Stubbs is in there, so excited about his power!

cincyrod said...

1. Stubbs - cf
2. dickerson- rf
3. phillips- 2b
4. votto- 1b
5. rolen- 3b
6. gomes/bruce lf
7. cabrera- ss
8. hernandez- c