Friday, March 12, 2010

Second Base Breakdown

Brandon Phillips (.276/.329/.447/.776/102, 20 HR, 98 RBI, 25 SB)

Phillips had a solid 2009 thanks to his hitting and defense. He did not win another gold glove but did finish above average in the defensive metrics. His hitting had improved as he has adjusted to being an everyday player. His walks have gone from 33 to 39 to 44 which shows he is becoming more patient at the plate. If he can get that number over 50 and continue hitting at .275 his OBP would be up to .345, a very good number for a second basemen playing great defense. His K's have also fallen the past 3 years from 109 to 93 to 75. All these are signs of a hitter coming into his own. He is only 28 and still in his prime for a few more years so he can continue to be a conrnerstone of the franchise. His backup will probably be Aaron Miles or Drew Sutton, both competing for the super-sub role. Brandon's future with the club is still somewhat of a mystery.

He makes $6.75 million this year, $11 million next year and a $12 million dollar team option for 2012. At the time it seemed reasonable but now that $11 million is way too high and the $12 million will never be touched. He wants to be a leader but it doesn't appear his teammates have totally bought in. The Reds will have to monitor how he is in the locker room to determine if he is someone they want to keep around or trade for minor leaguers and promote one of the top prospects to 2nd base. Getting all or even part of that 11 million in 2011 off the payroll would provide some financial relief, something always important to the bottom 15 payrolls who have no chance of winning the world series. His situation could get interesting if the Reds are out of it at the deadline and someone needs a solid 2nd basemen. Some of our best prospects are younger, cheaper, and can play 2nd. I hope he stays but wouldn't be shocked to see him traded in July for a prospect and financial relief.

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Ed said...

"Supahstah" needs to go now. I propose trading him, Dusty, and Jocko to the Cardinals. Even if they have to pay half of all three of their salaries for the remainder of their contracts! It would definitely be worth it....even if they only get two A-ball players.