Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NCAA thoughts

-I was pretty hit or miss on my picks. I thought the Big East was the best conference and Kansas would roll to the final four. Both horribly wrong. Nova, Louisville, and Marquette were bad and Kansas got caught off guard by UNI. I did pick Michigan State and Xavier to go the sweet 16. I also had Murray State who upset Vandy and came within a minute of moving on so it wasn't all bad. I did one bracket that was the opposite of what I thought and that one is dominating. I had 11 of 16 and still have 7 of 8 in Great Eight and all the final 4. Last year my instincts were right. This year my George Constanza opposite instincts are right. Funny how that happens.

-This weekends games should be fun to watch. UK will blast Cornell Thursday but in the game of life I will take Cornell every time. Their game against WVU should be fun as those are 2 of the 4 best teams left. The midwest region could be a Big Ten rematch with Michigan State vs. Ohio State. Never go against Izzo. Duke looks like they will face a tough test in Baylor but should make a final four for the first time in a decade or so. Would be fun to see them play UK in the final four. All the ghosts of tourny pasts would come out in Indy. In the West, it is a tossup. I think Cuse is the best team but Butler, Xavier and K State are all very similar. I am rooting for Xavier but none of those teams would be a surprise. 

-This is some of the best basketball of the year because you have the best teams and the most pressure. Last weekend was about upsets, this weekend is about great basketball. Making the final four is the goal. Once you get there it is just a party so be sure to watch the games Saturday and Sunday. They will be a lot of fun and there will be at least one classic game.

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