Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm back; what happened to this team

Well, the Bar exam is over and I am back on the blog. The Reds have continued the trend of beating opponents above .500 while losing to teams under .500. As of today, the Reds are 22-21 against teams >.500 and 29-37 against teams <.500. This means they are not taking bad teams seriously. Whose job is it to make sure they play heard every day regardless of the opponent? O yeah, Dusty Baker. The Reds need to win all three in Washington in order to stay in any kind of a playoff race. They are nine back of the wild card and will need a ton of help but losing three striaght series' to bad teams will end it.

Now onto the Griffey trade. I like it. Griffey wasn't exactly tearing it up. He had an OPS+ of 103, or just above average. Not very good for a #3 hitter. Now either Dunn, Bruce or Phillips can take that spot and we can have someone who can slug when Hairston and Keppinger get on base. Bruce doesn't have the best statistics since his amazing first week but putting him at the top of the order will get him more at bats and help him develop more quickly. The other great thing about this trade is that it will give Dunn, Bruce and Hairston a two month audition for what the outfield should be next year. Either way, Dunn is now the longest tenured Red and it is his team. If the team continues to play pretty well and can get above .500 by the end of the year, the Reds will have to keep him and as our loyal readers know, keeping Adam Dunn is essential to the Reds having any kind of success in the future.

As for the blog, it will take a bit of a break. Your great contributors are going on vacation until August 9th. I know this is devastating for you but the comments are still available and you guys can argue amongst yourselves until our return. Until then, lets hope the Reds can pile up some wins and the Brewers and Cards come back to .500. Either that or Dusty gets fired but that would render this site moot so no one wants that just yet. Oh who am I kidding, of course I would like that.

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