Friday, August 15, 2008

Live Blog of Poo-holes at-bats

I have always said that Ty Cobb Pujols should be walked every time he bats. Whether bases loaded no outs or bases empty two outs, walk him and let the rest of the team beat you. His first AB will be just after 7. He must be walked. NO MATTER WHAT. Dusty will pitch to him and we will lose. I've seen it a bunch of times.

6:20-Corey Patterson starting again. Why not? He is all the way up to a .227 OBP and 47 OPS+. Great numbers. I am already excited.

7:15-Top1, Pujols first AB. 1 out man on 2nd. 1st base is open. WALK HIM. Pops to 1st on first pitch. Very close to a homer. Got out of that one but probably won't be that lucky again.

7:53-Top 3, no on, no outs. WALK HIM. I know it the stats may not say to walk him but I say let him go. He mashes one down the line, upper deck, but 25 feet foul. Another bit of luck. And a double. Didn't see that coming. He is squaring very well on the ball. Don't give him anything to hit. His first at bat, pitching to him saved a run. This time, he is in scoring position for 3 straight batters. After an out a single puts him on 3rd with one out instead of second with one out. A walk then he scores on a badly turned DP. Man the Reds suck.

8:22-Top 5, no on, no outs. Another time to WALK HIM. He throws a great pitch and jams Pujols. Pop out. Props to Arroyo. Finally fooling Pujols after getting lucky the last two times he batted.

8:53-Top 7, no on, one out. WALK HIM. His OPS+ when facing a pitcher 3+ times is 171. Double. Hit it right on the button. Didn't see that coming.

9:38-Top 9, no on, two outs. WALK HIM. He is 2-4 with 2 doubles. He has crushed one to the upper deck just foul and barely missed another that ended up being a VERY high pop out. His OPS+this season vs. LH is 208. Ripped to LF for a single. 3-5, 2 doubles, 3 hard hit balls, one near miss, and one tape measure foul ball. Ankiel hit one good ball and nothing else. Not that it would have mattered because the Reds were gonna lose either way. A .222 team average for August isn't winning many games.

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