Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear ESPN, stop copying me

So I cruise over to and stumble upon a Keith Law article about the Adam Dunn trade. He quotes his great OPS and how his strengths are much greater then his deficiencies, exactly what I wrote a month ago when arguing to keep Dunn. I brushed that off because anyone with a functioning brain, which excludes Reds management, knows Dunn is very valuable. Then I read Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings, he also says that Dunn is a great asset. He further takes a shot at Dusty, wondering how Patterson has gotten 242 at bats, but anyone who knows baseball wouldn't give him that amount of at bats. Then he points to Aaron Harang pitching on two days rest as a terrible decision and a possible cause for his struggles. Where have I heard that before? These things are clear though, and any good baseball writer would point these out. But when I read Rob Neyer's blog entry today I realized that ESPN really is reading me. Last night I pointed out that Reds-Pirates was the worst game on TV and used other examples as well as the fact that they are a combined 35 games under .500. This morning, Rob Neyer throws out some numbers to see what the best and worst games were last night and concludes, as I did, that Reds-Pirates was the worst. THE VERY NEXT MORNING he takes the same idea I had, adds a few numbers, and writes it as his own. More then a coincidence and bordering on plagiarism. Now I know that I have finally made it in the blogosphere. If I can get linked directly to another blog then I may have to retire from my job at Wendy's and finally move out of my mother's basement. ESPN loves me. If I could only get Deadspin to take notice, then it would be over.

The Reds end the series in Pittsburgh tonight before hosting the DUI LaRussa and the rest of the Redbutts, including the great Felipe Lopez, centerpiece of the big trade 2 years ago who was cut by Washington last week. When the worst team in baseball cuts you, that means you don't belong on a major league roster, except of course St. Louis. They love taking the Reds leftovers. He, Jason LaRue, Ron Villone, Kyle Loshe, and Ryan Franklin all played for the Reds this decade. All of them have since been cast off by another team before winding up on the Cards. Hopefully we can win a few to knock them out of the playoff race. As I stated last time, walk Albert "Ty Cobb" Pujols every time he bats and hope the HGH twins are on a down cycle.


Grady said...

Any olympics banter to come?

Also, I will never understand why Patterson is still playing.

Drew said...

Nice blog post there Boose. Love how the only things you can hate on the Cards about are DUI charges, HGH, and signing old Reds players. That's fine. Fact is, your management and front office are so incompetent that they don't know how to use these so called cast-offs you refer to. But take those same players, place them on a good team, with a hall of fame manager and the best pitching coach in the majors, and you get solid MLB players making a contribution to a winning team. How's the view from 13 games back look? Can't wait to watch Pujols and company pummel the double A team Dusty is running out there this weekend.