Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another losing season, now come the stupid moves

Quick game: Who do you release?

Both these players play the same position and are equal in defense.

Player A: 36 years old, .216/.289/.340 in 78 games and an OPS+ of 63
Player B: 31 years old, .231/.381/.366 in 52 games with an OPS+ of 96

Player A right. Well, if you were Dusty Baker and Walt Jocketty you would pick Player B. Player B is David Ross who had some injuries early in the year and was starting to round into form. Player B is Dusty favorite, "The Human Out" Paul Bako. He had a great April and since then has OPSed 55, 38, 28, 29 the past four months. I had to check those stats twice. Are you serious? He isn't even a good rookie ball catcher. Ross has gone 125, 69, 154, and 43 and only had 15 AB's in August so his 43 needs more work. It is still considerably higher than Bako.

There is no reason, I mean NO REASON, to let Ross go and keep Bako. Bako is done as a big league player. Ross is still useful as a backup or an injury replacement. He has played well in Cincinnati and has a good relationship with the pitchers. Bako must have pulled a Corey Patterson and gathered some leverage on Dusty. My guess is Bako kidnapped Dusty's chihuahua Princess. Now Bako needs to let the little rat go so he can be released and the Reds can make the sensible move of allowing Ross to compete for a starting job now that he is healthy.

Corey Patterson continues to be a Red, defying any logic. He continues to OPS+ 46, receive a pay check, and keep the Reds from playing any young players. Granted the Reds may not have any prospects left in AAA, but any player, even one from Rookie ball would be better than Corey. He will be out of baseball after this year so there is no reason to have him on the team. They need to move on.

Tomorrow I will address the bonehead moves in the pitching staff. Who knows, they may release Bill Bray and recall Todd "Decaf" Coffey, tell Dunn they won't resign him then give an extension to Patterson. Why not reward the weak and punish the strong. It would only make sense after what happened today.

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