Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little late but here are some links

I blame LOST for the lateness of it. It is only an hour show but takes at least 12 hours to digest it and even then i don't understand half of it. Here are a few interesting links I came across:

-For LOST fans, you must read Doc Jensen. He does recaps and previews of all things LOST and they are amazing. Not sure what he will do when it ends but for know he is a must read every week.

-Two of my favorite things are coming together: Maker's Mark and the 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds

-C. Trent continues his great work on the Reds. Nice to have good writers for this mess of a team. Some great Dusty quotes. Savor them because this will be his last spring training.

-At least the Reds aren't the Royals. They are dealing with a hot dog shooting lawsuit.

-How about 'Merica? Glad we beat America Jr. in hockey. Too bad NBC hates sports and sent it to their non-HD channel in favor of Ice Dancing. It makes sense. Let's put the one game everyone cares about in the one sport that must be in HD on our crappy non-HD channel and put the least exciting category of the most boring sport that looks the same on any TV in HD. I can't figure out why NBC is 4th in the rating with brilliant decisions like that. Apparently I am not alone in my hate for NBC's coverage.

-As March madness gets closer, here is a link that will get you excited about it and waste a ton of time.

-Finally, ladies take note. This is what you do when a man proposes to you. I knew I liked Hilary Duff for some reason

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