Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baseball is back and so am I

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. The wait is over.

I am calling this season the Dusty Baker Farewell Tour. Why is it his farewell tour? Let me explain:
  • He is in the final year of his contract, meaning no future monetary commitments (a big deal for a cash-strapped franchise)
  • The organization has upgraded signifcantly at SS, 3B, and CF since last seasons opening day (I can't believe Taveras is gone)
  • 3 years is enough time to judge(although I saw this coming after 2 months)
  • The young core is ready and cheap, which will not last so they cannot waste another year of Votto/Bruce/Cueto/Volquez earning less then 2 million each
  • The fans are antsy and the Reds can't go another decade without the playoffs (hell the Bengals have made it twice since the Reds last made it)
  • The division is ripe for the taking (The Cubs/Pirates/Astros/Brewers all downgraded in talent while the Cards stayed the same and are one big injury from trouble)
This means either he makes the playoffs, meaning he finishes above two of the Cubs/Cards/Brewers trifecta (he hasn't beaten any of the three the past two years), or he is gone. A reasonably competent manager would win 85 games or so with this talent. Too bad Dusty is nowhere near reasonably competent. I see 80 at most, which puts us in 3rd, making him toast.

So, without further ado, let the Dusty Baker Farewell Tour begin.

I have changed strategies this season. My posts will be more consistent, but not as frequent(that is, unless they win or i get more free time). I will commit to a post every Friday and Tuesday. Other posts will come based on my availability, interest, and imagination. Just warning all 3 of you readers ahead of time.

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