Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One hell of a run

So I managed to attend the only game the Reds have lost in the last 10 games. Sounds about right. The pitching is fantastic and the offense has done enough. Amazingly enough, Dusty seems to be doing something right which means there is not much for me to write about, so let's enjoy the ride.

Cincinnati2316.590-14-99-7188185+3Won 49-1
St. Louis2217.564111-611-11166136+30Won 14-6
Chicago Cubs1722.436610-107-12178190-12Won 24-6
Pittsburgh1622.4216.59-97-13133236-103Lost 23-7
Milwaukee1524.38584-1411-10206222-16Lost 82-8
Houston1325.3429.57-156-10112176-64Lost 44-6

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