Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get the Reds Out

-The Lebrons are on the brink tonight. The refs have tried to get them to the finals (see Lebron's bailout with .5 seconds left in game 4) but even sympathetic officials can't make Mo Williams stop sucking. I think Cleveland wins tonight then loses Saturday night. Even Stern can't make Cleveland beat Orlando 3 times in a row, especially given that it took a miracle shot for the series to even be continued past game 4. Too bad. I like watching LeBron run over and dominate.

Kobe and the Lakers got the Stern treatment last night. LA got 55 questionable calls and Denver got 1. At least one large market will make the finals. I guess The Rapist is not a bad second fiddle now that The Chosen One won't be there.

-I recently entered the twitter universe. You can follow me at I am an instant fan now that I found out how to use text messaging to send tweets.

-Hope everyone saw the Champions League final yesterday. Barcelona is the best team in the world and they proved it by dismantling Manchester United, the Yankees of soccer, 2-0. The game wasn't even that close as Barcelona dominated the final 80 minutes after Man U played well the first 10. The French put up a better fight against the blitzkrieg then Man U put up against Barcelona.

-I am delighted with the news coming out of Lexington, KY recently. First, the basketball team fails to make the tourny, then flames out in the NIT before the final four. They fire their coach and hire a highly controversial coach. Then, a star football player gets busted using performance enhancers and gets suspended for his final season. I am sure he just forgot to check with the trainer even though he was told 1,000 time to always check. Then yesterday came the big guns. Billy G sues them for the full buyout clause of 6 million dollars. Funny how when he was coaching, he had a contract. Now that they fired him, he didn't have one. He will probably get close to that amount in a settlement because UK has other fish to fry right now with its new coach. John Cheataperi's former team will probably lose its final four and 38 wins because Derrick Rose had the SAT taken for him and a friend got some free travel. This would be the second final four Caliperi has had to forfeit, making him the most decorated coach in that department. Congrats Cat fans, your coach finally has something over Pitino. I have a feeling this isn't a coinsidence. He will take down UK just like he took down UMass and Memphis. Couldn't happen to a better group of fans. What is the line, be careful what you wish for......

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Anonymous said...

Billy Clyde is not going to get anywhere near the 6 million. If UK has to defend why he was let go, Gillispie will be lucky to get another job