Monday, March 09, 2009

Get the Reds Out

Sorry I missed last week. I have been busy at work getting things done because I am heading to Vegas on Thursday. That's right. Conference tourny weekend in Vegas, staying at Cesar's Palace. Can't wait. Here are some quick non-Reds thoughts as Spring Training and the WBC plod along. One month until opening day and real baseball. Let's go:

-Congrats to my Cards for winning the Big East Championship outright. 16-2 in the hardest conference in college basketball history is amazing. Because they are the top seed they are scheduled to play Villinova in the semis and avoid Pitt and UConn until the final. A tournament title or even a run to the finals should get them a #1 seed, something they haven't had in 25 years.

-Memphis is riding the wave of a terrible conference and are up to #3 in the latest polls, even receiving first place votes. If they get a #1 seed in the tourny, I could see a #16 upsetting them. I have seen the Tigers play a few times recently, against UAB and Houston, 2 teams that would finish in the bottom 3 of the Big East, and they were not impressive. They lost most of their leaders from last years team and the young players are prone to mental mistakes. Be careful before putting them in the Final Four.

-The SEC is garbage. I know this isn't news to most people but I just think it needs to be said.

-This guy loves breakfast.

-Any advice for me this week in Vegas? I haven't been since the economy went in the toilet. Anything different, better, worse?

-And finally, it is good to be Dan Patrick. An Andrews girl on each arm.(Yes, Erin Andrews has sisters.)

- I

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